Roasted Garlic Mac and Cheese | Don't Go Bacon My Heart


Take your homemade mac and cheese to new heights by adding Roasted Garlic. The caramelized hint of the garlic makes this baked mac and cheese truly irresistible!


  1. Posted by mandyv77, — Reply

    I’m sure it tastes good but at what cost? Your pores are gonna reek of garlic! I know when I barely chop one cloves i end up smelling like garlic or onion 🤢🤢

  2. Posted by kjg9898, — Reply

    This was so good 😍 We've decided it'll be our go-to mac and cheese for special occasions bc it is a bit time consuming. But it's worth it for the flavor 👌

  3. Posted by cemoldshit, — Reply

    Omg... all this non healthy fat shit. The amount of butter + milk which is useless there. THREE cheese ? All the acne it will give you... and your intestines.. no thanks

  4. Posted by souminiagate, — Reply

    Hey there! First of the profile name😂 and I'm a huge fan of roasted garlic. It has the superpower to elevate any dish

  5. Posted by tjbfbm, — Reply

    The dijon mustard ruined it. Curdled all the cheese and milk. So the whole roux. Now I have all mush which should taste like cheese. Dijon cancelled out the cheese. Thanks for the recipe... 👌🏻 I'll make sure to unpin this. Ground mustard is the way to go for now on. I've made plenty of baked mac and cheeses and this was the worst.

  6. Posted by chouette86, — Reply

    I think I’ve made this before and remember skipping the garlic entirely and that the sauce was twice what you needed for the pasta.

  7. Posted by jenfrench35, — Reply

    This sounds great in theory. But don’t waste your time with this one. It’s awful! Like pasta in garlic water. Yuk!

  8. Posted by twl_asl, — Reply

    I cut the recipe in half (to make it more of a side dish) and added some salmon on top, it was delicious!!!!

  9. Posted by vlazare, — Reply

    Best mac and cheese I've ever had. Baking in cast iron made excellent "burnt" bits on the edges.

  10. Posted by tmc731, — Reply

    Yumm! Roasted garlic is so delicious and completely underrated. I’m going to make this soon!

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